Doug the Rocket Scientist – Chapter 3

“Exercise of Power” does not have much to do with political power, though the famous Washington Think Tank, the Society for the Promotion of Goodness, plays a key role.

This section is mostly about Doug the Rocket Scientist.

Though Doug, we learn about satellite design, alternative energy, solar power, a barn raising and the time that he and I tried to take apart a tram at a State Park.  Perhaps we learn the most about the character of the engineer.

In addition, we take a brief swing through India, where we learn a little bit more about electrical power and a lot about the Reverend Swaminthan’s Ashram and Computer School.

It is about electricity.  It is about rockets.  It is about marriages and friendships.

You can hear an overview of the chapter:








Or you can get an introduction to an essay on how I came to meet Doug the Rocket Scientist: